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Rights Protection

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The round table discussion concerning Intellectual property rights protection in Ukraine has been held.






On the November 18th 2010 at the Kiev National University T.G. Shavchenko with the help of Ukrainian Lawyers Association, intellectual property and advertising committee ULA, supported by Patent-Lawyer company P&M Partners, round table devoted to “Intellectual Property’s Current Problems       of the Rights Protection in Ukraine” has been held. Mrs. Elena Kokhanovskaya - Doctor of Juridical Science, professor, member of the NAPrN in Ukraine, Deputy Juridical Faculty Dean of the Shevchenko Kiev National University in science work has given a grand opening of the round table. Mr. Nikolay Pototskiy who is the Legal Science Candidate and a Deputy CEO of “DD & I IP Agency” as well as Patent Council of Ukraine gave his welcome speech. After the Grand Opening list of the speeches to be presented at the round table has been announced. In such a way court expert, determiner of the “Intellectual Property Expert Bureau”, chairman of the Intellectual Property and Advertising Law Committee Mrs. Natalya Mescharkova, has told about the peculiarities of the expert testimony in court connected with the rights protection of the goods and services. Speaker has pointed out her attention several times on the correctives and accuracy of the question drafting which are given to Expert.

As a result of Mr. Dmitriy Kartushin speech “Proves in the Disputes about the Recognition of Invalid Trade Mark License and Services” a live discussion between invitees took place.

Further on there were speeches of Mr. Anotoliy Kodinets’s, Legal Science Candidate, Decent of Civil Law Faculty at the KNU, devoted to peculiarities of agreement conclusions in the sphere of intellectual property and Mrs. Ludmila Zaporozhets’s speech about the agent legal relationship.

At the end of the event Irina Sysoenko, Patent Council in Ukraine, CEO of the patent-juridical agency “Brand-Group” gave her speech about “Acknowledgment of the Trade Mark as Illegal on the Basis of the Rights of Well-known Trade Mark”. Speaker has pointed out the reasons why it is necessary to acknowledge a well-known trademark as well as the ways of its protection by means of recognition the other label as illegal.

In general, during the round table such questions as termination of in-advance trade mark international registration, proves in disputes about the recognition of invalid trade mark registration license and services, agent legal relationships, pay of the damages, carrying out the court expertise in spheres of intellectual property, information about the well-known trademarks and others.


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