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Brand (trademark, logo) is a unique symbol that distinguishes goods and services offered by a person from those offered by someone else.
Trademarks are as follows:
• logo (graphic naming symbol),
• graphic object (emblem, symbol, character),
• combination (a combination of a brand emblem and name).
Logo performs two functions at once: on the one hand, it identifies and distinguishes the goods in a competitive market; on the other hand, it combines the product, its name and its image. A visual attribute is developed on the basis of positioning, creative concept, naming, and is the face of the brand, basic combining element of the image. A logo is intended to differentiate the brand from its competitors, focus on and form consumer recognisability in visual communications. Logo designing is the first stage of branding. The basic elements are then selected: style-forming idea, colours, corporate fonts.


Our Principle

Our team primarily works to achieve the customer’s goals and strategic tasks which is fundamental for "BrandGroup" Patent & Legal Agency.

Our Position

Should you contact us for a qualified help in due time, you prevent the possibility of economic damage caused by illegal usage of the intellectual property  by others.

Our Work

We only offer the services we can deliver and fully perform our obligations on a timely basis as we are based on compliance with business ethics and good faith.