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Licence Agreement Drafting and Registration

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You might be interested in starting a new business, expanding the existing one (extend your presence in the market or change the nature of business) or in the improvement of the quality of your SME’s products and services to strengthen your market position. In many situations, intellectual property rights licensing is an effective tool for achieving these business goals.
Licence Agreement means a partnership between the holder of intellectual property rights (licensor) and the other person authorised to use such rights (licensee) for an agreed consideration (fee or royalty). There are a number of licence agreements that can be generally classified into the following categories:
• Technical Licence Agreement,
• Trademark and Franchise Licence Agreement, and
• Copyright Licence Agreement.
In practice, some or all of these agreements are often a part of a single contract since such transfers affect many rights, not just one type of IP rights. You might also deal with a licence agreement under other circumstances such as a merger or acquisition, or in the course of negotiations of launching a joint venture.
All of these mechanisms, either used alone or in combination, will open to your company, whether as a licensor or licensee, a number of opportunities for doing business in your own country or anywhere else. Acting as an intellectual property right holder and licensor you can expand your business beyond your partners’ business and ensure a steady flow of additional income. Acting as a licensee you can manufacture, sell, import, export, distribute and market various products and services, which otherwise would be impossible for you to do.
Internationally, the formal licence agreement can be only signed if the intellectual property right you wish to licence is also protected in the other country or countries of interest to you. If your intellectual property is not protected in such other country or countries, then you would neither be able to licence it nor have the legal right to place any restrictions on its use by someone else.

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