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Mediation, or agency, is a process of conflict resolution in which a neutral third party acts as a mediator to promote the development of a voluntary, mutual agreement between the conflicting parties. In arbitration or in court proceedings, a third party (arbitrator, judge), that is not involved in the conflict and is neutral, hears the disagreement between the parties and after considering all relevant information renders a final decision binding upon the parties. And on the contrary, in mediation, a neutral third party (mediator) helps the parties find a solution in the discussion of the problem.
A mediator facilitates communication between the conflicting parties, promotes understanding viewpoints and opinions, focuses the parties’ attention on their interests and looks for a constructive solution to the problem by allowing the parties to reach a common agreement together.
In the mediation process, the parties are responsible for taking decisions, so they need to clearly understand the matter, propose possible solutions and ultimately make that decision. Therefore, the parties are fully responsible for the decision they make. The mediator’s role in this process is very similar to that of the navigator’s: knowing certain tricks and techniques he/she navigates the parties throughout the decision-making process and eventually brings them to mutual agreement.

Our staff is ready to provide professional mediation services. If you have any questions in this issue, please contact us in any way convenient for you.


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