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Utility model

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Utility model means an item of industrial property that, together with inventions and industrial designs, is under the patent right protection. Utility models include embodiment of means of production and articles of consumption, including their components.

Legal protection shall be given to a utility model if it is new (if its aggregate essential features are not known from prior art) and exercisable (if it can be used in industry, agriculture, healthcare and other sectors).

No useful model-based protection is given to the following items:
• methods, substances, micro-organism strains, plant and animal cell cultures, and their use for new purposes,
• scientific theories and mathematical methods,
• business organisation and management methods,
• symbols, schedules and rules,
• mental act methods,
• computer algorithms and programmes,
• designs and plans for structures, buildings and zones,
• product appearance only solutions to meet aesthetic requirements,
• integrated circuits topography, plant varieties and animal breeds; solutions that are in conflict with public interest, principles of humanity and morality.

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