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Copyrights and Related Rights

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Subject to the international and national laws, the acquisition of copyright does not require any formalities. This is one of the main copyright differences from trademarks, inventions, industrial designs for which registration is a prerequisite for the exercise and protection of rights. Public registration of copyright and agreements related to the author’s right to the works is effected as determined by the Copyright and Related Rights Act of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Act) and the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 27, 2001 No.1756, title – Public Registration of Copyright and Agreements Related to the Author’s Right in the Work (published in the Official Gazette of Ukraine, issue No.52 of January 11, 2002) (hereinafter referred to as the Resolution).

Voluntary registration of right of authorship provides the following benefits:
• The Certificate of Public Registration of Copyright to the Work allows establishing the date of creation.
• The Certificate confirms the ownership of the work and that the author or any other person has certain property and non-property rights.
• The Certificate is required for the commercialisation of the work in various ways.
Types of Registration:
Registration of Copyright
1. Registration of author’s copyright to the work.
2. Registration of employer’s copyright to the works for hire.

Copyright Items (Section 8 of the Act)
Copyright items include works of science, literature and art, namely:
1. Literary works of fictional, journalistic, scientific, technical or other nature (books, brochures, articles, etc.),
2. Presentations, lectures, speeches, sermons and other verbal works,
3. Software,
4. Databases,
5. Musical compositions with or without text,
6. Dramatic works, musical/dramatic works, pantomimes, choreography and other works created for the stage shows, and performances thereof,
7. Audiovisual works,
8. Works of fine art,
9. Works of architecture, urban planning and landscape design,
10. Photographs, including the works made in a manner similar to photography,
11. Works of applied art, including decorative weaving, ceramics, carving, glass casting, jewellery, etc., unless protected by laws of Ukraine related to legal protection of industrial property,
12. Graphic, maps, plans, drawings, sketches and plastic works related to geography, geology, topography, engineering, architecture and other activities,
13. Stage performances of the works referred to in Clause 1 above, and folklore versions suitable for stage shows,
14. Derivative works,
15. Collections of works, collections of folklore versions, encyclopaedias and anthologies, collections of traditional data, other compositions of works, provided that they result from creative selection, coordination or streamlining of content without infringing copyright to the works being their constituent parts,
16. Translations for dubbing, voiceover, subtitling of foreign audiovisual works in Ukrainian or any other languages,
17. Other works.

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