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About Branding

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Branding means the development and implementation of a set of measures to:
• promote brand identification,
• help identify a brand from a number of similar competing products,
• build a long-term consumer brand preference.
Branding is mainly aimed to form a single brand image in consumers’ mind to ensure the uniqueness and optimal utility of the brand. Branding seeks to create the image of a premium class, prestigious product easily recognisable by consumers. Success is ensured by the product quality, manufacturer’s reputation, advertising and other marketing activities exposure.


Our Principle

Our team primarily works to achieve the customer’s goals and strategic tasks which is fundamental for "BrandGroup" Patent & Legal Agency.

Our Position

Should you contact us for a qualified help in due time, you prevent the possibility of economic damage caused by illegal usage of the intellectual property  by others.

Our Work

We only offer the services we can deliver and fully perform our obligations on a timely basis as we are based on compliance with business ethics and good faith.